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Foster an African Elephant Project

By choosing the 'Foster an African Elephant' Lotus Masks will donate $5 to help foster an orphaned African elephant.

Invisible Children Project

By choosing the 'Invisible Children' Lotus Masks will donate $5 to support the children of war torn Uganda for each African mask purchased.

Save Darfur, Sudan

By choosing the 'Save Darfur' charity Lotus Masks will donate $5 to support the people of Darfur, Sudan for each African mask purchased.


African Masks

Lotus Masks specializes in West African masks from Ghana, Ivory Coast & beyond. We invite you explore all our African Masks and discover what makes West African masks the most exotic and beautiful masks in the world.

Lotus Masks will donate $5 for each African mask purchase to a charity of your choice. Upon checkout select one of the following charities from the drop down menu: Foster an elephant, Invisible Children, or Save Darfur

West African Beauty Face Mask 26 West African Beauty Face Mask 26"

Item #1a72
Price: $320.00

African Baule Tribal Wood Mask 18 African Baule Tribal Wood Mask 18"

Item #2a1
Price: $320.00

Yaure Tribal African Mask 17 Yaure Tribal African Mask 17"

Item #2a24
Price: $250.00

Chokwe Wealth & Prosperity Mask 15 Chokwe Wealth & Prosperity Mask 15"

Item #5a15
Price: $300.00

African Kuba Initiation Mask 21 African Kuba Initiation Mask 21"

Item #5a18
Price: $600.00

Beautiful Baule Tribal African Mask 12 Beautiful Baule Tribal African Mask 12"

Item #2a26
Price: $250.00

African Mossi Antelope Mask 20 African Mossi Antelope Mask 20"

Item #5a14
Price: $300.00

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