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The following links lead to various articles with information about African masks, African statues, African tribes, African culture, Tibetan Gods and more.

Information About Africa & African Masks

About African Masks
History of African masks
African Masks Representing Heritage & Culture
Different types and styles of African masks
African animals and their significance in African masks
How African masks are made
Types of West African Wood Used in Masks and Craft Making
Ancestor Masks in West Africa
Symbolism and History of Cowrie Shells & African Masks
Feminine Masks and Sculptures: Depictions of West African Women
Ancient Empires of West Africa: A Brief Historical Overview
African American Genealogy: Reconnecting with Your African Roots
Determining Age of a Vintage or Antique Wood Mask
About the Ivory Coast & West African masks
“Ju-Jus” on West African Masks and Sculpture

About African Tribes

About the Chokwe tribe
About the Guro tribe
About the Songye tribe
About the Luba tribe
About the Mossi tribe
About the Yaure tribe
About the Fang tribe
About the Bambara tribe
About the Ashanti tribe
About the Baule tribe
About the Senufo tribe
About the Dan tribe
About the Bete tribe
About the Anlo-Ewe tribe
History of Ghana & Ethnical Tribal Groups
The Rich History of the Ashanti Tribe of Ghana
Senegambia: Tribes of Senegal & The Gambia, West Africa
About the Mandinkas/Mandingos of West Africa

About Nepal, Himalayan Masks & Their Gods

About Ganesh, the remover of obstacles
About Mahakala, one of many forms of Shiva
About Padmasambhava
About Tara, the Shakti of Avalokiteshvara

About Gond Paintings

Gond Tribal Paintings

About Tibetan Rugs

History of Tibetan rugs

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