Krishna with Radha Painting 32″ x 22″

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This Hindu painting is one of a kind, hand painted by the artists of Rajasthan, India.

As a youth Krishna was a renown lover his favorite among all the cow herder’s daughters was Radha. This painting captures the love the two of them were known and celebrated for. You experience the movement and power of their love through this piece. In the painting Krishna is resting gently on Radha while she holds his flute.

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 32 in

Watercolor on cotton paper


Rajasthan, India

Care & Framing

Do not let the painting have any contact with liquids. Painting can be displayed as is, it does not come framed. You could elect to take it to a local framing store or ask your local photo studio for suggestions.