African Baule Senior Male Tribal Mask 26″

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This wood mask is a one of a kind mask, hand carved by the artists of West Africa.

This a Baule Goli Glin mask. It is the mask meant for the senior male in the Baule community. There are three Goli (Kplekple for junior males; Kpan pere, for junior females; and Kpan for senior females). This, the Goli Glin is more aggressive than the others and it is not to be looked upon directly by women and children.

The Goli is a day-long festival done at the funeral of important men or as an entertainment.  This mask is a helmet mask and so is worn over the head rather than on the face. It represents a crocodile with its mouth open, a symbol of protection. The crocodile is regarded by the Baule people like other animals to be a conduit to the spirit world but more especially, the crocodile symbol provides a protection against evil spirits.

It is usual for this Goli Glin mask to be painted during dances so as to give it a more aggressive look depicting the strength and superiority accorded it over the other three types of Goli mask.

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Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 12 x 26 in



Baule Tribe – Ivory Coast, Africa

Hanging Instructions

Two holes are pre carved into the top portion of the back of the mask. String is tied through the holes for immediate hanging.


Dust the piece as needed.