Bright Blue Tibetan Ganesh Mask 18″

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This wood mask is a one of a kind mask, hand made by the artists of Nepal.

This mask is a perfect depiction of Ganesh, the Hindu god of knowledge and wealth. Ganesh was the son of the god, Shiva and the goddess, Parvati. However, he was formed from the dirt of his mother without input from Shiva. There are two main stories relating how Ganesh got his elephant head but the common thread in them is that he lost his head as a boy and servants who were sent out to look for it, brought back an elephant’s head.

This mask symbolizes the Atman, or the soul, which is what Ganesh’s head symbolizes.  The Atman is believed to be the ultimate supreme reality of human existence. In another sense, this mask of Ganesh’s elephant head symbolizes strength, wisdom and auspiciousness. Yet in another sense, the elephant head connotes all that is good about the elephant: a large, strong and gentle creature which is affectionate and loyal yet capable of great destruction when required.

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