Colorful Tibetan Garuda Mask 22″

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This wood mask is a one of a kind mask, hand carved by the artists of Nepal.

This mask is of Garuda which is a mythical bird or bird-like creature prominent to the mythologies of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Garuda is also the national symbols of Indonesia and Thailand as well as featuring heavily in India and Mongolia.

In Hinduism, Garuda as represented by this mask is the mount of god Vishnu and feeds solely on its enemy, the serpents or Naga. Garuda is also credited with bringing nectar from heaven to earth and has served as the mighty transport for god-warriors in important battles. In Buddhism, the Garuda represents a race of mighty bird-like beings with four kings whose enemies are the serpent-dragon-like race of Naga.

This mask represents the bird-like nature of the Garuda, with great beak and ears. Even though the Garuda has the head of a bird, horns and crowns are added as with this masks to ascribe it the connation of being king of the birds and their forebear. The malevolent look and the brows of fire are placed to show Garuda as the devourer and immortal warrior.

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Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 14 x 22 in




Hanging Instructions

String is attached to the back for immediate hanging.


Dust the piece as needed.