Large Maroon Mahakala Wood Mask 26″

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This wood mask is a one of a kind mask, hand carved by the artists of Nepal.

Whether it is to protect village crops from hailstone damage or the victory of Padmasambhava over malignant deities, the Mahakala character is ever present in ceremonies throughout the Himalayan region. His third eye expresses the wisdom of omniscience. The five skulls signify victory over the five emotional obscurations. These masks are used to defeat evil spirits and, when not being used for a ceremony, are hung on the walls of Nepalese homes. This mask appears to be rather old and has developed a natural patina. There is no darkened varnish you would see on the tourist masks.

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Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 16 x 26 in




Hanging Instructions

This mask comes ready to hang.


Dust the piece as needed. You can use a wood cleaner to really make it shine.